Bluett Bros. Violins


Handmade Mandolins

The mandolin family of instruments originated in Italy as did the violin family. Mandolins and violins share the same tuning so it is not uncommon for players to enjoy both. Each mandolin instrument has a violin family counterpart. Mandolin – violin, mandola-viola, mandocello – cello & mandobass – bass.

Depending on the type of mandolin music you play, whether you play bluegrass, folk, or classical, Bluett Bros can produce the perfect mandolin to suit your style.

Another benefit of ordering a handmade mandolin is the opportunity for custom design on your instrument. Mark can create any custom design, inlay to cater to your preference of style. Many mandolin players like their instruments to have an ornate and decorated look, while others prefer the classic plain appearance. Whatever your preferences may be, Mark will build the mandolin that looks and plays to perfection.

Tap Toning Process

Mark uses his trusted tap toning carving process with mandolins to produce an exceptional instrument that has taken the mandolin to new genres of music. Bluett mandolins are being played in classical orchestras, bluegrass jams and jazz venues. Mandolin players are finding the quality of tone and workmanship that they’ve been looking for in Bluett mandolins.

(Image Caption: Inlaid F5 Headstock – Mark’s artistry is showcased by intricate inlay work. Mother of Pearl, Abalone & various woods are hand cut with jewelers’ saws to create the design. Custom designs are available.)

If you are near the York, Pennsylvania area, and have an interest in fine mandolins, come visit the shop and see for yourself what Mark is working on.

(Image Caption: Blonde F5 Mandolin – This F5 mandolin back features flamed Curly Maple wood with Ivoroid binding. The Blonde finish is a process that Mark has perfected for the discerning customer.)

Build Your Own Mandolin

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own mandolin, visit the luthier apprenticeship page and call Mark for more information. Mark offers a luthier apprenticeship program to those interested in building their own instruments.

Mark also offers mandolin repair and restoration services for all types of mandolins.

(Image Caption: Quilted Maple Sunburst – Quilted Maple is a rare Maple wood that has exceptional depth that creates a three dimensional appearance. The sunburst is created with a process of hand rubbed stains.)