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The bouzouki is originally a Greek instrument. Mark has built masterful bouzoukis, in a wide range of styles, and using a wide range of different woods and materials. A number of years ago Mark repaired a bouzouki and immediately fell in love.

This instrument has a beautiful tone and can be made with many different types of wood in order to create the desired sound. Mark has even made one bouzouki with five different types of wood – Alaskan Spruce, Hawaiian Koa, Indian Rosewood, African Ebony, and Honduran Mahogany on the neck.

Bouzouki Music

Nowadays, bouzouki is being applied to many types of Irish music. The bouzoukis tuning is not very different from that of a mandolin. It is tuned like an octave mandolin with the bottom two sets (D & G) an octave apart, similar to a twelve string guitar. When playing the bouzouki, you need to move up the neck, unlike the usual mandolin positions.

If you are looking for a way to expand your mandolin experience, this is the instrument for you.

Call Mark at (717) 854-9064 or visit the shop at 112 Hill St. York, PA. 17403 to ask about ordering your original bouzouki from Bluett Bros.