Bluett Bros. Violins

About Bluett Bros. Violins

Mark Bluett is celebrating his 30th year in business (est 1984) and has been honing the craft of luthery from the very beginning. Through his years of experience, Mark has focused on four main components of luthery.

First and foremost the most important thing is concentrating on the tone of the instrument. To achieve excellent tone Mark starts with the finest air dried wood the world has to offer.

The second key component is “reading” the wood. Mark has a keen understanding of the woods’ density and stability. Using tap tones during the carving process, he insures the instrument will have the evenness and clarity that is crucial. The third priority is the finishing process. Throughout Mark’s years of practicing his craft, he has found the perfect formula and balance needed for the finish to protect the instrument without hindering its’ voice.

Mark has been a professional musician for 40 years. This has proven to be an asset in perfecting the fourth component; the instrument’s playability. Thus, an instrument that is easy to play is Mark’s final goal when creating an instrument. This is accomplished through an exacting set up process that includes intonation & the height of strings in relation to the fingerboard. Mark has learned that focusing on each detail to produce the whole is of the utmost importance to produce an instrument of the highest quality and aesthetic beauty.

Mark Bluett’s passion for hand-making fine stringed instruments over the years has also produced a desire to share with others what he has learned. He has found great pleasure in teaching others and has developed an apprenticeship program to insure the future of the fine art of Luthery. On any given day at Bluett Bros. Violins, you will find Mark creating instruments, teaching apprentices and advising fellow musicians. Bluett Bros. Violins is a hub of creative endeavors with a passionate pursuit of perfection.

Lifetime Guarantee

Bluett Bros Violins has a lifetime guarantee for all instruments to the original owner for craftsmanship and imperfections, excluding damage directly related to poor storage or abuse of the instrument. Any owner also has a 90 day guarantee for their instrument in the event that they do not like any aspect of the instrument.