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Apprenticeship Programs

How to Become a Luthier

Are you interested in learning how to build string instruments? Bluett Bros. Violins offers a unique luthier apprenticeship program for people of all ages. If you want to build your own guitar, violin, mandolin, cello, or other instrument, this apprenticeship is for you. As an apprentice, you are given the opportunity to build the instrument of your choice while learning the ins and outs of the violin shop and lutherie process.

Mark currently offers two different apprenticeship programs, a full-time and part-time apprenticeship.

Full Time Luthier Apprenticeship

As a full time apprentice, you will commit 25 hours per week working in the shop. In this time you will learn to become versatile in all aspects of lutherie, working on many different instruments with a totally hands-on approach. You can choose what instrument you’d like to make first, and keep that one completely for yourself.

Part Time Luthier Apprenticeship

If you simply want to build your own instrument, the part-time apprenticeship is for you. Pay a flat fee plus the price of the materials, and Mark will guide you on how to build it, every step of the way.

Apply for an Apprenticeship Program

For more details call Mark at (717)-854-9064, or shoot us a message, and ask about the apprenticeship program.