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Bluett Bros. Violins is a music and violin shop, specializing in all stringed instruments, located in York, PA. Shop owner Mark Bluett has been running his business as a Master Luthier since 1984. Mark has also been a professional musician for 40 years, honing his craft of lutherie and musicianship over time. On any given day at Bluett Bros. Violins, you’ll find Mark creating instruments, teaching apprentices, and advising fellow musicians. We see Bluett Bros. Violins as a hub of creative endeavors with a passionate pursuit of perfection. If you are interested in purchasing a stringed instrument, learning how to become a luthier, or want to tour the violin shop, call us today at (717)-825-4263 or send us a message. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Learn More About Us

Jubal String Quartet on Bluett Instruments

A beautiful piece performed by the Jubal String Quartet on Bluett Bros. Handmade Instruments. Featuring Diane Sutyak (Violin 1), Joan Peffer (Violin 2), Dennis Jones (Viola), and Christa Miller (Cello).

Buying a Stringed Instrument

Bluett Bros Violins offers a wide variety of popular and specialty stringed instruments for sale. While Mark produces a large number of professional violins, his shop also sells violas, cellos, guitars, mandolins of the highest quality. Additionally, specialty stringed instruments for sale include the mandola, mandocello, bouzouki, viola d’amores, and weissenbournes.

For student musicians entering college to pursue their instrument, a Bluett Bros. Violin will provide you with the perfect level of professional tone and easy playability. If you are considering upgrading your current instrument, purchasing a new instrument to learn, or simply adding to your collection, a stringed instrument from Bluett Bros. Violins will always be an excellent choice.

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Located in York, PA

For musicians in York, PA, Bluett Bros Violins is truly a destination. Contact Mark to book a tour of the shop, call to schedule an appointment, or just walk in and say hello! Bluett Bros Violins is located at 122 Hill Street York, PA 17403.

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