Bluett Bros. Violins

Instrument Testimonials

This shop should be on the radar of any discerning acoustic instrument player. Mark Bluett has been constructing and repairing violins, guitars, and mandolins (plus everything in between) for more than 30 years – his experienced knowledge and skilled craftsmanship of stringed instruments are clearly evident when you see and play them.

— Matthew Johndro

“If you are looking for a beautiful instrument where the sound explodes to fill the room – this is the place.”

— Bob Marshall

“Excellent craftsmanship & friendly people. They build beautiful instruments and have a real good touch with setups & repairs. Fairly priced as well!”

— John Beaumont

“Quality workmanship & great customer service. Mark built my mandolin in 2005 & I have no complaints!!”

— Daniel Stuber

“I have more than several of Mark’s incredible instruments. The fiddles are unbeatable and everything he makes is of the highest professional caliber. Support Independent American Luthiers folks and play their instruments proudly!”

— Nicolette Worth Wagman

“My experience with Mark was wonderful. I get to remember it each time I play my custom guitar he helped and guided me through to its completion. The ultimate guitar experience!”

— Chad Ward

Thank you a thousand times for fixing my baby! The violin came today in perfect order! That violin means so much to me. You fully answered any questions I had and did the work so quickly. The bridge you replaced is beautiful. The seam work is amazing. It looks like you even cleaned up from the last person that attempted to fix it. You all are so talented and I will definitely only be going through you for any string instrument purchase or repair. Thank you so much for being so great at what you do!!

— Helen Folk